miércoles, 20 de febrero de 2008

You ready for the groupies?

One of those strange videos featuring The D's cock-pushups.

[Kyle Gass:] D'you think that um...Dude d'you think that when the album... When this is out, D'you think this'll make us umm.. more attractive to the ladies?
[Jack Black:] pshh....yeah. In fact I been getting ready.
[KG:] Yeah?
[JB:] Yeah. I been doin' cock pushups.
[KG:] Cock pushups?
[JB:] Yeah
[KG:] What are those?
[JB:] It's where you fuckin' lay down flat, on the ground
[KG:] Yeah?
[JB:] And you let your boner lift you up off the ground.
[KG:] pshh...noooooo.....That would be impossible..Your cock could support your whole weight?
[JB:] Well not at first
[KG:] yeah
[JB:] but over time
[KG:] Hmm..well how many pushups can you do?e
[JB:] Cock pushups?
[KG:] Yeah. I guess you could only do one...really...
[JB:] Yeah, one is all you need.

And the donkey back to wheat. We are ready for the superstar stuff. C'on girls. We want you.

There is a lot lost in translation but I can give it a try if you ask for it in the comments.*
I hate all those Sofia Coppolla-haters.

*Se pierde mucho con la traducción pero si me lo piden amablemente con un comentario pues me pongo y traduzco el post.

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